Selected Jurisdictions &
Religious Orders
The independent Catholic/Orthodox movement tends to be diverse. Below you will find links to a few selected independent Catholic denominations and organizations.

Selected jurisdictions. *Note: These range from ultra-liberal to ultra-traditionalist.

Independent Catholic Directories - A more extensive, yet still selective, list of jurisdictions the webmaster regards as viable.

Guide to the World of Autocephalous Churches - A very extensive website with a vast set of listings, maintained by the Rev. Tony Bagonja. Unfortunately, many listings have not been updated in some time. While the site claims to be a "complete" guide, key individuals and groups are omitted for unknown reasons.

Religious Orders in the Independent Movement - There are quite a number of religious orders within the independent movement, many of which are associated with individual jurisdictions, and many that seem to come and go. Those listed below were chosen because they seem viable, growing, or hold promise.

  • Society of Pilgrims [pdf file] - The Society of Piligrims is a new religious congregation for spiritual pilgrims who seek perfection as"monks in the world." Expanding on Benedictine tradition, it integrates the insights of such spiritual luminaries as Peace Pilgrim, Brother Wayne Teasdale, and Diarmuid O'Murchu.
  • Order of Port Royal. An ecumenical Cistercian order, headquartered in Germany. Now affiliated with the Old Catholic churches of Europe (Utrecht Union).
  • White Robed Monks of St. Benedict - An ecumenical religious order which blends Benedictine philosophy with Zen Buddhist principles and practice. Headquartered in San Francisco. With roots in the Old Catholic tradition, they manage a web site which includes some of the best available information on the beliefs and traditions of Independent Catholicism. The order coordinates a network which helps link people who wish to be married by an Inependent Catholic priest. They have also engaged in missionary projects in India.

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