Independent Catholicism
Select one of the links below to learn more about Independent Catholicism. Describing themselves as Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican, these independent groups are generally not in communion with mainline churches.
Little known, and little publicized, within Roman Catholic and Canonical Orthodox circles they are sometimes referred to as an ecclesiastical underground. Most of their clergy are sincere, if "fringy," although its ranks has been admittendly plagued by its fair share of disreputable characters. Virtually all of these groups claim valid "apostolic succession." This means that their bishops and priests trace their ordinations and consecrations to validly consecrated bishops from West and East.
In addition to serving an unchurched public, these independent groups often provide an alternative for people from Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican traditions who feel alienated from their mother churches or who have "impediments" preventing them from receiving the sacraments. Some of these groups are quite liberal, making holy orders available to the married, women, or gay people; others can be even more traditional than their mainline counterparts.
While often small and fragmented, the healthy ones are building viable ministries, congregations, and organizations. Frequently serving the marginalized, they often fill neglected gaps in the ministries of mainline churches.


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