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… This page is being provided as a resource about the independent Catholic movement. For a brief history of the independent movement please click here. This page was originally designed to serve as a successor to the web site that was previously hosted by The Federation of Independent Catholic and Orthodox Bishops (FICOB), and which was closed in January, 1998.


The directories were originally provided as a service …
… to the public and members of the Independent Catholic and Old Catholic movements.
We have never made any effort to verify the authenticity of the credentials of any of the individuals who were listed, nor had we conducted background checks to ascertain that the individuals listed were reputable. Some were not. This is unfortunate, but as a consequence we have made the decision to cease maintaining and publsihing our regionalized directories. Effective April 1, 2001, the regionalized directories will no longer be available from this site. If you have comments about this decision you may direct them to the webmaster, Most Rev. Alan R. Kemp, D.Min at:
Important notice:
While we have ceased to maintain our regionalized database, which had 700 listings of independent missions, parishes, clergy, and bishops, we are continuing to maintain a listing of those independent jurisdictions, or denominations, which we believe are healthy enough to be viable. The decision of who to include and who to exclude rests soley with the webmaster. We will, however, make every effort to only include those jurisdictions which appear to be credible. We reserve the right to exclude jurisdictions about which we have legal, moral, or ethical concerns.
Each of the following listings are for independent jurisdictions (i.e. noncanonical) which are rooted in the Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican forms of sacramental worship. They are quite diverse. The listings range from jurisdictions which are very liberal and metaphysical (or even "New Age") to those which are tradititional and conservative.
 Directory of Independent Catholic Jurisdicitons
While the independent movement is relatively small and unorganized, a limited number of viable seminary programs have emerged. As more of them mature we will add them here.
Independent Catholic Seminaries
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