Vesting Prayers

Adapted from the Altar Training Manual of the
Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch - Malabar Rite


It is traditional for those who serve at God's altar that they say special prayers as they don specific articles of liturgical attire. The following prayers have been adopted in our church's altar training manual, and are somewhat contemporary in nature.


Washing of hand before putting on articles of liturgical attire.

Cleanse my hand, O Lord, that in your strength I might render unto you a pure offering and a perfect work.


Place, O Lord, on my head the helmet of salvation, that your servant may be free from adversity.

Endow me, O Lord, with the garment of praise and innocense and the vesture of light, that I might worthily receive and dispense Your holy gifts.


(Kiss the cross at the center of the stole). You you said, 'My yoke is easy and my burden is light,' grant that I might bear your blessing to all the world.

Tying the cinture

I bind unto myself the Name, the Holy Name, the Mighty and Immortal Name, with this cord of love and purity, that Your power might dwell in me.


May this vestment of grace, which I accept, and the service I prepare for be a labor of righteousness and a holy work. That it will be to the glory of God and to His angel host, to the joy of all saints and great ones, and toward the liberation of humankind. I will go unto the altar of our God, and He shall declare His victory unto us, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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