Apostolic Succession of Bishop
Carlos Duarte Costa and his Progeny
Benedictus PP XIV ( Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini, 1675-1758 )

Vicarius Christi (1740)

on March 19, 1743 consecrated
Carol della Torre Rezzoni (1693-1769)
Vicarius Christi as Clemens PP XIII (1758)
Who, assisted by Archbishops Scopio Borghese and
Ignatius Reali, on April 26, 1767 consecrated
Bernadinus Giraud (1721-1777)
Cardinal, (1771)
Who, assisted by Archbishop Marcus Antonius Conti and Bishop Iosefus
Maria Carafa, Cardinal Giraud on February 23, 1777 consecrated
Alexander Matthaeus ( 1744-1820)
Cardinal (1779)
Who, assisted by Bishops Geraldus Macioti and Franciscus Albertini,
Cardinal Matthaeus on September 12, 1819 consecrated
Petrus Franciscus Galeffi (1770-1837)
Cardinal (1803)
Who, assisted by Archbishop Ioannes Franciscus Falzacappa and Iosephus
della Porta Rondiana, Cardinal Galeffi on December 8, 1822 consecrated
Iacobus Phillipus Fransoni (1775-1856)
Cardinal (1826)
Who, assisted by Patriarch Joseph Valerga and Bishop Rudensindus Salvado,
Cardinal Fransoni on June 8, 1851 consecrated
Carolus Sacconi (1808-1889)
Cardinal (1861)
Who, assisted by Archbishops Salvator Nobili Vitelleschi and Franciscus
Xaverius Fredericus de Merode, Cardinal Sacconi on June 30, 1872 consecrated
Eduard Howard (1829-1892)
Cardinal (1877)
Who, assisted by Archbishops Alessandro Sanminiatelli Zabarella and
Bishop Guilio Lenti, Cardinal Howard on December 8, 1882 consecrated
Mariano Rampolla Marchese del Tindaro (1843-1913)
Cardinal (1887)
Who on October 26, 1890 consecrated
In Brazil, for the Roman Catholic Church in Brazil
Joaquin Arcoverde de Albuquerque-Calvacanti (1850-1930)
Cardinal (1905)
Who on June 4, 1911 consecrated
Sebastiao Leme de Silveira Cintra (1882-1942)
Archbishop (1921)
Who, assisted by Dom Alberto Jose Goncalves and Dom Benedito Paulo
Alves de Souza, Archbishop de Silveira Cintra on December 8, 1924 consecrated
Carlos Duarte Costa (1888-1961)
a Roman Catholic bishop (1924-1945)
and Who with his separation from Rome became Patriarch, Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (1945-1961)
Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa on May 3, 1948 consecrated
Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez (1922-
(Ordained Roman Catholic priest in Spain on August 10, 1944)
Who became Patriarch of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church in 1961.
Please note that Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa consecrated many other
bishops from which Old Catholic bishops now hold succession.

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